The Human Body: A Successful Socialist Machine

Man as an Industrial Palace by Dr. Fritz Kahn – 1927 (credit Quaerentia)

The animal body is one of nature’s best achievements, and the human body, as one of the advanced forms of this type of bodies, is one of the best examples of this.

The Machine.

The human body is wonderful. It has been the subject of research and understanding for probably forever.
Many representations and descriptions have been given, but my favorite is the machine-like one, mainly because we’re living in an advanced industrial age and machines play a major role in our modern life.
To my understanding, the human body is one of the ultimate machines of nature (this is actually the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary series about the human body being the ultimate machine); complex distributed organs and subsystems, perform several advanced jobs in high efficiency (supporting weights, flexible movements, providing Oxygen, distributing nutrients, filtering food and liquid supplies, waste disposal, anti-viral protection, etc…), the result of many years of adaptation and evolution through natural selection, to allow the individual to perform complex tasks needed for survival.
So, in a context far for the metaphysical meaning and supernatural definitions, the human body is an intricate advanced machine of complex subsystems, with complicated active mechanisms, striving for survival. (The illustration by Dr. Fritz Kahn is an excellent example of the industrial-like mechanical complexity of the human body.)

The Socialist Model.

Analogically to a society, the human body is a striking example of the success of the Socialist model. As indicated, it is a complicated set of very complex subsystems each performing a useful task, not only to their existence, but also to the survival of the whole body. This doesn’t stop at this point, but, in fact, through the complex sanguine irrigation subsystem, resources are shared among the various constituent organs, in an equilibrium between the need of the specific organ, depending on its current state of activity, and the fair distribution to all working body parts.
Additionally to these basic survival features, life threatening situations are excellent examples of this blunt behavior.
For instance, in the case of slack (or potentially a failure) in a subsystem, alerts are sent to the brain, and a set of rescue steps are initiated by the massive supercomputer on top of our shoulders, by transmitting the alerts to various other subsystems, in order to reduce their activities, or work more efficiently, or secrete certain helping chemicals to help the failing organ, and the whole body prioritizes the resources towards the more needy subsystem. “Local police” in the sanguine subsystem initiates a “rescue mission” in the vicinity of the trouble. In case of need for external involvement, the brain can initiate the necessary means for that, by either alerting other, supposedly more knowledgeable humans, via a complicated set of idea generation and signal transmission subsystems (talking, facial expressions, body movements, etc…) or by providing the necessary external supply of chemicals via complex mechanisms of thinking, precise movement (interaction of visual, muscular, skeletal subsystems…), the supply of the chemical via the digestive system, the targeting of the organ or any related secreting organ, all while feedback is being constantly sent to the related brain unit.
Many others examples can be given, but the main point is that nature had chosen a Socialist-like approach to successfully and efficiently allow various species (and especially the human one) to survive.

It is about time for our human societies to learn the natural way, our bodies way, and go towards a more Socialist behavior, especially with the crises we are and will be witnessing in the coming years (from over population, to environmental changes, to economical problems, to resources deficits, etc…) It is about time to learn from the working systems of our natural environment to ensure a better and longer survival in the future of our kind.



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